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Apply for New Passport 2024 – नए पासपोर्ट के लिए आवेदन कैसे करें – Check Step by Step full Procedure here
Apply for New Passport


1. Create an Account and login

  • First of all Go to the official website –
  • You must have an account to apply for a passport, so click on New User Registration to create an account.
  • After that the registration form will open in front of you,
  • Select your nearest passport office
  • Enter your first+middle name in the given name section
  • Enter your last name in surname box
  • Enter your Date of Birth
  • Enter your email id
  • If you want to make email ID as login ID then click on Yes, if not then leave it as it is.
  • Enter password and re-enter the password to confirm.
  • Choose the hint question and answer the hint answer (If you forgot your login ID & password, this will help you to reset your password)
  • Enter the captcha code exactly as shown, then click Register.
  • After that an email will be received from Passport India on the email ID given by you Or there will be an activation link on the email, click on that link.
  • Enter your user ID and email ID, click on submit.
  • Your account has been successfully created now you can login
  • To login, go to the home page
  • After going to home page, click on existing user login.
  • Enter login ID and click continue
  • Enter the password and captcha or click on login
  • You will be taken to a new page
  1. Click on Apply for New Passport/Re-issue of Passport
  2. Then We have to click on Annexure-1/Alternative-1
  3. Again select your State & District


2. Passport Type

  • From passport type you will select fresh passport
  • Select Application Type as Normal
  • and Select booklet type with 36 pages and click on next.


3. Application Type

  • Enter given name (first name + middle name)
  • Enter your surname (last name)
  • Select gender
  • If you have another name then select yes and enter your name, otherwise click on no
  • If you have ever changed your name, click yes, otherwise click no
  • Enter your DOB( date of birth)
  • If you are born outside India then yes or otherwise no
  • Enter your place of birth (City & Village)
  • Select State/UT
  • Select District
  • Select Marital Status
  • Select Indian Citizenship
  • Enter your PAN Number ( If available)
  • Enter your Voter ID Number (If available)
  • Select Employment Type
  • If your parents/husband/wife are government employees then yes otherwise click on no
  • Select Educational Qualification
  • If your qualification is below 7th then click Yes to non-ECR category and download the form, otherwise leave it.
  • If you have specific marks on your body then enter here
  • Enter your Aadhar Number ( If available)
  • Check the consent box and click save my details and next


4. Family Details

  • Enter your father name
  • Enter your mother name
  • Enter your Guardian name (if you are orphan)
  • Enter Spouse name (if married)
  • Then click Save my Details & Next


5. Present residential address

  • If your address is outside India then select yes and enter your address, otherwise leave it.
  • Enter House no./Street name
  • Enter Village/city/town
  • Select State/UT
  • Select District
  • Select Police Station
  • Enter PIN Code
  • Enter Mobile Number
  • Enter e-mail ID
  • If your current address/permanent address is not the same then select Yes and enter your address, otherwise click on NO
  • Then Click Save my Details & Next


6. Emergency Contact

  • Enter the name and Address (If you are traveling abroad or any untoward incident happens to you. If there is a need to contact your family, these details will be contacted.)
  • Enter mobile number
  • Enter Email ID
  • Then Save my details and Next


7. Identity certificate/Passport Details

  • If you ever applied for a passport, it has been put on hold or not issued, then yes to all options
  • If you are completely fresh applying then you will select NO.
  • Then Save my Details and Next


8. Others Details

  • If you are a new user and have never applied for a passport before, you will select “NO” all the options.
  • Then Save my details and click on Next


9. Passport Details Verification

  • After that your passport will be previewed, Check all the information correctly, if everything is correct then click on Next


10. Self Declaration

  • Here you have to select 2 documents, Proof of Birth and Proof of Present Residential Address.
  • Enter your place on the box
  • Check the Consent box, Click Save my details and submit the form
  • After that you will get the application reference number(ARN), note it down and keep it.


11. Payment and Appointment

  • Click the Pay & Schedule option
  • Select the payment mode as online and Next
  • Select your nearest passport office, enter the CAPTCHA and Next
  • After that you select appointment date or click on “Pay and Book Appointment”
  • You can pay all the fees through your credit card/debit card, netbanking, UPI, Pay with any option.
  • Then your appointment date will be completely successful, Print and keep your appointment receipt
  • With this, the process of making you online has been completed, all the information has been sent to the passport office.


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13. Verification Process

  • Whatever documents you have selected online or printed, the original or photocopy of the same has to be taken to the passport office on your appointment date.
  • There all the documents will be verified and will be sent for physical verification at whatever police station you have selected.
  • Policemen can come to your home for physical verification. After verifying, it is then forwarded to the passport office again.


14. Passport Delivered

  • After final verification and Issue, the passport will be sent to your given address within 15 days.




Difference between Tatkal and Normal Passport

  • Normal Passport- Standard processing time is 30 to 45 days from the date of application.
  • Tatkal Passport- Standard processing time is 1 working day without police verification.
  • Normal Passport charges are lower or Tatkal Passport charges are higher.


Difference between Passport and Visa


Passport Passport is a travel document that the government of a country issued to its citizens. This document verifies the identity and authenticity of the holder for the purpose of international travel. It is necessary for adults and children, even babies, to have a passport. The passport is a small booklet in which all the information like person’s name, date of birth, place of birth, gender, photo, signature, passport date of issue date, date of expiry or passport number is mentioned in details. Before issuing the passport, the applicant is carefully examined and only then the passport is issued. Passport is accepted as the most important ID for traveling to another country.

Visa – Visa is an official document through which you can enter a foreign country. If you want to visit any foreign country, you will get a visa from that country, there will be no role of Indian government in it. Visas are usually stamped or affixed to the passport. There are many types of visas, your visa will be issued according to the purpose for which you are going or which country you are in. That is, we can say that passport will be our identity card while visa is the right, Only after taking it you can travel in the country which has issued it.


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